Laurel Whistance-Smith has been a fan of Standard Wire-haired Dachshunds since she first saw the breed demonstrated as a blood tracking dog in the early 1980’s.  She purchased her foundation bitch “Hilde” from German hunting stock in 1986. This dog was a dual performance champion (Obedience Trial Ch and Am. Field Ch brace on rabbit) and an outstanding earthdog and tracking dog. Laurel has been breeding these dogs under the kennel name Lowenherz Teckels for more than 20 years.  
Lowenherz dachshunds are top performance dogs in Canada and the US in hunting sports and other performance events.  Laurel puts titles on them in Field Trials on rabbits (they are all American Field Champions), Earthdog, Tracking, Obedience (she has trained 4 of her dogs at the Utility level) and she successfully sells her puppies to hunters as working dogs for tracking wounded big game.  She has donated one of her puppies to Guide Dogs Canada and “Elfe” became the first Hearing Assistance Guide Dog dachshund in Canada which is Laurel’s greatest source of pride in her career with dogs.  
Laurel is an accredited AKC judge for dachshund Field Trials.   She spent a number of years teaching obedience for Victoria County Kennel Club in Lindsay.  She regularly holds earthdog events (training and tests for CKC and NAMBR) at her property near Bethany.  She is a hunter and angler and has hunted her dachshunds with hawks.
For many years Laurel has been trying to get the OFAH to demand that the Ontario government allow the use of leashed tracking dogs to find wounded big game.  It seemed so logical ….  Laurel is a former Fish and Wildlife biologist and manager with OMNR.
These pictures are her:
Pagan in midair
Pagan dock-diving, a favorite pastime at home,
Karl and deer
and Pagan’s son Karl successfully working in NJ.

Lowenherz Teckels are bred for intelligence, temperament and hunting ability above and below ground — from German stock since 1989. Blood Tracking, Hunting and Performance Field Sports, Field Trials, Earthdog, Obedience, Companionship.  5 generations of American Field Champions.  First Hearing Guide Dog Dachshund in Canada!

Contact Information:
Lowenherz Teckels
Working Standard Wire-haired Dachshunds
Laurel Whistance-Smith
Pontypool ON
705 277-9183

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