Hello guys! My name is Cesar von Löwenherz. I live in Foxboro, ON. I am a male Wire Hair Dachshund born in Feb 2009. I like hunting and tracking and hate squirrels. Unfortunately I do not get a lot of tracking opportunities these days. My master Thomas Bunge -a nice German fellow btw.- does shoot real good. cesar1
So guys, I herewith offer my service just for fun. I promise, I can convince my master to come out to your place night & day and I will do my best to find your nice trophy buck. I’ve done it before: See my picture, I was just 10 months old when I found my first deer. That was awesome!

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Big Game Blood Trackers Ontario / High Precision Laser Target Shooting
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Tel.: 613-961-7761, 613-920-6628
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