John Jeanneney, Born-to-track page:

John brought blood tracking or blood trailing as a method of using tracking dogs, usually on a long tracking leash, to find wounded big game such as deer and bear, to North America. John lives in Berne, NY.

The United Bloodtrackers:

The United Blood Trackers is a group of people dedicated to promoting resource conservation through the use of trained tracking dogs in the ethical recovery of big game. They are located, in Arena, WI.

Deer Search, Inc.:

Volunteer Licensed Handlers & Leashed Dogs Serving Hunters in Need
A Non-Profit Organization


The VOICE of Anglers and Hunters | Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters.

MNR: Ontario MNR

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, hunting/fishing regulations, WMU layout, etc.



LaserHunt, Belleville, Ontario: LaserHunt

The owner, Thomas Bunge, is member of the Big Game Trackers of Ontario.
LaserHunt provides high precision laser target shooting systems for hunter education, marksmanship improvement as well as fun events for the young and old using real video (HD) hunting scenes from various continents…

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