Jeff Weese works in an office by day and spends the majority of his free time outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping, and doing other various outdoor activities (including survival) with family. Hailing from the Frankford area originally, and now located in the Belleville area; he has called the Bay of Quinte his home his entire life.

When it came to big game hunting he prided himself on “one shot” kills, until one hunting season a few years back when he wounded a whitetail doe, “the one that got away” was tracked for hours and into the night when the search was called off. It was then he decided this wouldn’t happen again; it was time for a dog.

Along came Misty!jeff1The family was primarily looking for a family pet, although Jeff had other thoughts – a dog that would be great with his kids, but also great on the track. The family searched high and low, and looked at purebreds, shelters, and mutts when finally he was tipped off by a local in his home town about some great “hounds” a local farmer was giving away.

Misty and Jeff began blood training soon after she was brought home, doing short runs around the yard – she seemed to be a natural. Her training was soon stopped however when Jeff decided to use her to run deer instead:

That season she ran deer all week long and loved it, and always returned to camp in the evening after the hunt was over. It wasn’t until the end of the week that we tried her on blood tracking after the first deer was shot and went missing. She found it within minutes, a good 500 yards away in a thicket.

Since that first track, Misty has performed a few other tracks including her greatest feat ever: On a cold December Monday, following the Sunday close of bow season, a fellow with a camp north of Madoc called in distress – he had shot a monster of a buck the previous day but was unable to locate it, desperate for help he reached out. Unfortunately, Jeff had commitments of his own and couldn’t make it out until the following Thursday. The fellow agreed to keep looking and if he couldn’t find it by Thursday, Jeff agreed to meet him at his property with Misty to attempt a search.

Thursday morning rolled around, the temperature was -30c, and a fresh 12 inches of snow had fallen the night before. Immediately the fellow took Jeff and Misty to the last sight of blood. Misty quickly dug through the snow and was on the scent, so quickly she pulled the leash from Jeff’s hand – there was no calling her back.

Figuring Misty was off on her own tangent, Jeff and the fellow attempted to make sense of the snow covered tracks themselves when Jeff noted her could hear Misty barking in the background; strange, because Misty never barked unless she was on something. She came barreling through the woods toward the two and barked again, in Lassie fashion as if to say “Follow me!” so we did. Through swamp, and thickets; Misty busting brush about 100 yards ahead.

jeff2Finally, after an hour we came to clearing, Misty was standing on a small, snow covered mound, when much to our amazement there was an antler sticking out of the “mound”. She had found the deer, and a brute it was! Success on a four day old track, -30c temperatures, and a 2km distance from first-blood.

Jeff and Misty look forward to helping others find their snow buried treasures in and around the Quinte and Vennachar (the area of his hunting camp) region.

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