The event will take place May 9-10 at the D-Bar-W Equestrian Center, 536 Orchard Rd., Reinholds, PA, USA. We are proud to have judges from Europe to supporting this!

The North American Teckel Club (NATC) is a branch of the German Teckel Club that developed the dachshunds that are being used to track wounded big game in the USA and Canada. This year the NATC is holding its breed show and hunting tests at the end of June in Ontario about an hour’s drive east of Toronto. Check it out on the map and you will see that it is not that far away from western New York and  the  upper Mid West.
I helped found the NATC and over the years I have participated in many of their events. The breeders show (Zuchtschau), the tests and the organized presentations are an excellent way to learn about hunting/tracking European dachshunds and how to breed them in the USA and Canada.
To this letter I’m attaching  a number of documents that will help you decide whether going the NATC events in Canada would be worthwhile for you. If you want additional information call me at 518-872-1779. More info will follow in a second post.
Old Tracker John Jeanneney

Note: The Zuchtschau is for Dachshunds only, all other hunting and obedience tests are open to hunting dogs of other breed. Call for more information.

-> NATC 2015 premium list – Info about the event
-> NATC ZUCHTSCHAU Explanation
-> Zuchtschau Entry Form
-> Schussfestigkeits – Test Entry Form
-> Blood Tracking Test Entry Form

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