Should trackers have to buy hunting licenses for themselves?

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5 thoughts on “Should trackers have to buy hunting licenses for themselves?

  1. With regs as are in ON, I’d say no license.
    With regs in BC with tracking possible with dog before, yes to an expired game license of any type.

      • Sounds right. For instance i’m in Winnipeg. There is some interest in MB for tracking. I’ve contacted UBT, Jeanneneys , super folks.
        I’m originally from NWO so if spent a week grouse hunting but said i was around Turtle Lake rd for tracking I wouldn’t want to have get a big game tag to assist. Same for MN or ND. ND just started this year and it sounded as if they were short trackers so, kinda best case scenario of course, if i did a course spring/summer in either MN or ND i could bump around as a handler get some experience and so on.

  2. No–or not multiple hunting licenses.
    There should be one special tracking license created that would allow a tracker to track moose, bear, or deer. The tracker should buy that license, not a hunting license or licenses.

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