Hello I am Joe Kopcok and my home is in Tecumseh Ontario. I use my dog for running deer and moose in Northern Ontario during the Open Season. I have been successful with my Slovensky Kopov in locating deer, and moose off and on the leash. In June, as a member of the United Blood Trackers, I attended a Trackfest in Arena Wisconsin. I successfully completed the UBT 1 Test. Just last week I responded to a call in Thamesville to find a nice 8 point buck. Well we found the buck in about 10 mins. After the Hunter was telling me to go left I had faith in my dog as she pulled forward and straight to his young 8 point buck.
I don’t have a problem to help hunters find there deer. Just Gas money is greatly appreciated.
I am now in Slovakia attending the André Renčo Memorial XX in Bansky Bystrica where my dog will be tested on 14 disciplines. Chasing, tracking, quiet tie off and etc. I will be representing the Canadian Kopov Club there. Members from all over Europe will be attending. Keep me in your prayers please for guidance from God and for a safe trip. I’ll be back 19th of November and will be glad to offer my Services and my assistance.

Thank You and God Bless You All,

Joe Kopcok: 519-817-1879

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