Scott and Nancy Leindecker
My wife Nancy and I live in Sault Ste Marie Ontario and we are avid traditional bow hunters, we enjoy fishing, canoeing and just generally love being outdoors.
Back around 2007 I started researching what was out there in tracking dogs for locating wounded big game animals. We found John and Jolanta Jeanneney’s web site Born to Track and from that moment on I wanted to get a Wire Haired Dachshund. Nancy used to laugh at me saying I would have to carry that dog thru the bush on a track. She has always been a big dog person.
John Jeanneney referred us to Laurel Whistance-Smith and after having been accepted by Laurel as suitable people to adopt a puppy we ended up down at her place in Dec 2012. Laurel had picked out a puppy for us and we were soon headed back home with our 10 week old Wire Haired Dachshund bitch.

scott1Arwen at 12 weeks old.

I named her Arwen after the elf princess in Lord of the Rings and I immediately fell in love with her. At home we introduced Arwen to our then 15 year old Husky bitch. Arwen was very friendly with our Husky who just tolerated this young energetic ball of hair with the short legs.
Arwen now two years old, is turning out to be a promising tracker. Her desire and drive to track continue to impress me. I have never known a dog with more heart to complete a task. I love all dogs but there are definitely things about this little dog that make her truly amazing.

scott2She loves to fish.

I have spent the last two years becoming known to the hunters in the Algoma district area, making them aware of leashed tracking dogs. We have been called out on a few tracks with no success as yet but we will keep trying.
I am involved with the Big Game Blood Trackers club and we are committed to seeing legislation formed to allow leashed tracking dogs in Ontario. We are looking for members to join our club and we welcome anyone to join with any kind of dog or with no dog. We need people with an interest in conserving our big game resources and to become part of our voice to allow tracking dogs in Ontario.

Contact Information:
Home phone: 705-575-1894
Cell Phone: 705-542-3275
Address: 65 Borron Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie, On, P6B1G1

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