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    I added a privacy policy page. We do not track your activity. We do not willingly share any of your data with anyone, third party plugins and Google may do w/o our knowledge. We do not use social media spy service (no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn no nothing…). Your privacy is our priority. If someone steals information of this page through breaching in I personally will shut the page down.

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    I had to temporarily disable the registration because we got spammed by fake accounts for advertising.

    If you like to register please drop me a short email (see contact information) and I am more than happy to register you promptly.

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  3. A comment from me -not an official statement from the group- about the attached summary on the Legal and Enforcement Aspects of Blood Tracking In Ontario:
    I find it very disappointing that we do not receive more support from the MNR. Hunting is seen very controversial in public and it is very important to strengthen the ethical aspect of responsible hunting. A member of our group brought it to the point:
    “These regulations are disastrous. On both sides of the Atlantic, Fish and Game Departments have realized that defining tracking with dogs as “hunting” and then applying hunting regulations to tracking makes the activity much less effective and less attractive to trackers. Only the wolves and coyotes will be pleased. The anti-hunters will wonder why it is the law to let an animal suffer all night.
    Why do they (TB: ON MNR) end legal tracking on the hour that the hunting seasons closes? In New York we are given and additional 24 hours to track.
    There needs to be a Conference set up where Wildlife Personnel from different Provinces and certain States can compare regulations and experiences to get an idea of what works. There is already a vast amount of experience in Canada and the United States. Why does Ontario choose to ignore it?”

    I second that 100%…


  4. There is a good possibility that the North American Teckel Club (an affiliate of the German Teckel (Dachshund) Club) will be holding an event at Laurel’s place the last weekend in June. It will include a 20 hour blood tracking test that you can have your dogs take for a certificate. I encourage our dachshund owners to take this test as an indication of your dogs’ abilities. I am trying to find out if other breeds can take the test too. John Jeanneney will be providing us with the necessary information and will probably be one of the judges. There will also be water tests, field obedience tests, there may be some earthdog work and there will be a conformation evaluation if you want to do those aspects too.

  5. Hi there,
    I added a location finder in the ‘About Us’ section. Now you can easy find a tracker in your area, if there’s one. We usually cover about a 50 km / 35 miles, one direction, area.

  6. When you subscribe. Please put a name down. Use any name if you like to stay anonymous but put a name down. I have a lot of spam subscriber. The way to distinguish between a regular subscriber and an automatic subscriber for spam reason is whether there is a name assigned to the username or not.
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  7. Sorry, for requiring people to register and the moderated blog. I see a lot of spammers registering who will take over the blog if I am not persistent. I promise that I will not censor topics nor alter them. Controversial discussion is explicitly allowed. No offence and inappropriate language though. I have the right medicine for forum-trolls. There’s a good German book: “Handbuch fur den Forentroll”. A hilarious read 🙂

    If you like to share your hunting stories and/or dog training/tracking stories I encourage you to sent me the pictures and write-up and I will put it in our hunting section in the Gallery Menu.

    Have fun and a successful fall hunt!


  8. Hey everyone Just spoke with Mark Ryckman at the OFAH they had a meeting on May 31 with the wildlife policy section of the MNR and the OFAH Big Game Advisory Committee. He had stated to me that they where told that leashed dogs will be allowed for tracking as long you have a dog licence. GREAT NEWS. You could check out the enviromental regestory >leashed dogs for more details.

  9. Hello fellow blood trackers! Just wanted to ask if anyone has created a petition for hunters,and other people to sign so we could give this thing a bigger push through the Provincial Legislature . It would be great if we set a time line say some time in September to present to our MPP’s and hopefully be out in full force during the hunting season …

    • I do not know of any petition that has been started, although I do live in the great white north.
      As we, BGBTO, have just learned that MNR has passed the regulation to allow Leashed Tracking Dogs, I don’t think a petition would benefit our club or the tracking legislation endeavor at this time.
      I believe all that is left to do at this time is wait for the regulation to pass through legislature and reach Royal Ascension.
      MNR is hoping that the legislation will be in place for this fall.
      I know from experience that when a new regulation is waiting Royal Ascension, that law enforcement agencies are advised that the regulation is imminent and to accept that in regards to enforcement situations.
      I think at this time the legislation is a done deal and that now our focus (BGBTO’s) will be on the actual law and wording and that hopefully it is going to be sensible and meaningful.

  10. Hey Just got back from Wisconsin Trackfest where I heard the name Ontario big game blood trackers ! Cool looking foreward to working together . I have some Slovensky Kopov dogs and mainly had them chasing deer, moose bear ,rabbit, coyote….

  11. A quick update for everyone’s attention.
    I was checking the EBR for the status of the leashed tracking dog proposal and I found that the 2013 Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary in the Important Messages for Hunters section on page 6, top left. It mentions the pending proposal to allow leashed tracking dogs in the WMU’s that do not allow the use of dogs for hunting http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/stdprodconsume/groups/lr/@mnr/@fw/documents/document/239842.pdf.
    A step in the right direction, I suppose.

  12. So very happy to see this group being formed!!

    The use of dogs to recover wounded game is WAY overdo in Ontario, and it’s about time this changes.

    You have my 1000% support….and who knows, you may see me in the woods at the end of a line one day on the trail!

    Wish you well in this important endeavor!

  13. I have a new dog, Gus, that I am training now. He will be ready for this fall. I got interested in tracking about 10 years ago. Many trails later, I still enjoy helping when I can. Glad to hear that this initiative is underway. Tracking has been a rewarding activity for me.

  14. We are doing this since a couple of years already. Laurel provides great dogs, Scott tracks for hunters in Sault Ste. Marie, Ernie in Oshawa area and myself in greater Belleville area. We felt we need to promote the idea a bit more. So, we decided to found a club, sign up with OFAH and get a hp started…

    @ your service,

    • Good day I was just wondering do you train dogs for hunting more so the line of Blood Tracking i have a puppy coming on the 29th of this month and would like to get her ready for when she is old enough to go out with us. If you have any contacts within the Oshawa area this would be greatly appreciated thank you and have a great day…

      • Never to early to train a puppy. With 8 weeks -usually when you get it- start doing small hikes together, through the backyard, friends place, etc.Train its senses…
        At feeding time, when the puppy is hungry, take a piece of fresh liver (from the fridge, not rotten) tie it to a string and drag it in the backyard (max. 10 m in the beginning). Have it sniff the ‘line’, but lock it underneath e.g. a bowl, so it can’t ready access it. When it finds the liver piece, feed it with it (small piece only, not a full meal and NO pig/hog liver, cattle, goat, sheep is ok). Over time increase the distance. When adolescence is over, you can start with short lines, no turns etc. in the beginning. Usually I start this not before 6-8 months age. The main motivation is to get a partner and have ‘fun’ together and a willing dog to search something for you, because of the reward! A dog is a prime example of an opportunist 🙂


  15. This is a great idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out hunting, tracking wounded deer that either a buddy has shot or I hit myself, and thought that a service like this should exist! Great work setting this up. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

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